mike mccaffrey(non-registered)
It was very nice to meet you the other day at our park's Halloween event. I checked out your wonderful web page. I agree, everyone does have a story to tell, and that magic abounds all around us in life.

Mike McCaffrey
Melissa Ainsworth(non-registered)
Beautiful. You have a way of catching life off guard in all its glory.
Kathleen Drennan(non-registered)
You + your camera = magic.... so you have the perfect name for your website. LOVED all your photos!... thank you for sharing them with us. <3
Doris A MacDonald(non-registered)
Very lovely, Renee. You really do have a gift. I don't care if you have a Brownie, a Polaroid or an Instamatic, you create magic. Please keep it up! and find the time and the way to keep developing your gift....I think your fan club would say the same.
Ann Cameron Siegal(non-registered)
Delightful collection. Can't wait to see the magic you find on your new path of endless possibilities this year.
Linda Kilroy Bresnahan(non-registered)
Enjoyed it all, esp Les Hatley music....stunning
Will Avery aka The Funky Gemini(non-registered)
Such storytelling captivating shots. Keep on sharing...;-)
Bob Melissinos(non-registered)
Your photographs just keep getting better. The mixture of subject matter is brilliant and nature pictures are worthy of being included in the finest of collections.
Russell McFee(non-registered)
Your attention to detail, light, and composition are amazing,Renee. Congratulations -- this site is truly a work of art! Blessings, Russell.
Kwang Kim(non-registered)
I like your Photos very much.

Is there any possiblity that I can have mine you took ?

I referred your site to my friend, he is a real good one.

His name is Woo Sung Chang.
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