Welcome to my site, Looking for Magic.  I'm honored that you stopped by and hope you'll sign my Guest Book. 


Looking for Magic describes my photography journey. Along the way, I realized that there is magic to be found, right where we are.  

Moments matter to me and I have been honored to quietly preserve many of them. There is nothing quite like the magic of watching someone who is truly in their element. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, if we take the time to listen.

 I know that there are more stories, just waiting to be told.  


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Guestbook for Renée Nicole Ruggles
mike mccaffrey(non-registered)
It was very nice to meet you the other day at our park's Halloween event. I checked out your wonderful web page. I agree, everyone does have a story to tell, and that magic abounds all around us in life.

Mike McCaffrey
Melissa Ainsworth(non-registered)
Beautiful. You have a way of catching life off guard in all its glory.
Kathleen Drennan(non-registered)
You + your camera = magic.... so you have the perfect name for your website. LOVED all your photos!... thank you for sharing them with us. <3
Doris A MacDonald(non-registered)
Very lovely, Renee. You really do have a gift. I don't care if you have a Brownie, a Polaroid or an Instamatic, you create magic. Please keep it up! and find the time and the way to keep developing your gift....I think your fan club would say the same.
Ann Cameron Siegal(non-registered)
Delightful collection. Can't wait to see the magic you find on your new path of endless possibilities this year.