Renée Nicole Ruggles: Blog en-us (C) Renée Nicole Ruggles [email protected] (Renée Nicole Ruggles) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Renée Nicole Ruggles: Blog 120 120 Looking For Magic       There are days when this feeling just tugs at me, at my heart.  I NEED to find magic.  There is no other word that describes it.  Sometimes, I simply need to know that wondrous things still exist, that I can still find that sense of delight in something special and unexpected, like I did when I was young.  It usually hits me hard during Christmastime, because many dear family members are no longer living and I simply live too far to visit the rest.   So, I try to capture that feeling by baking cookies from well loved family recipes and sharing them with the people around me.  I have also learned to make a certain kind of fudge that I am most sentimental about.  Having these things to share with my sons and my friends...... well, it brings a bit of that magic back for me.   


     I've been through a lot in my life.   A lot more than most folks realize.  Definitely too much to explain in a simple conversation.  The one thing that I know is that it hasn't hardened me.  I still feel like an innocent kid, in a lot of ways.  Cannot explain it.  Maybe it's just the way that I am wired.  Whatever the reason, I think it's something that I am grateful for.  


    Currently, behind the scenes, my life has been flipped on its side.  There are times that I really struggle to make it through the day.  There are days that seem to waltz by while I am in a sleep deprived fog.  I wonder where they go, after they pass me by, those empty days that I did not fill with my best efforts.   During these times, I often forget that there is still magic yet to be found.  I have to stop and pay attention, remember to look around me. On a particularly challenging day, I decided that I'd finally had enough and deserved a break.  I invited one of my favorite companions, my youngest son Danny, nearly 14 at the time, to come with me. Then, I set out to look for magic.  


     My family lives on an Army Post in a state that is definitely filled with natural beauty.  We even have a peaceful wetlands preserve nearby.  Still, I find it quite ironic that I can find magic and beauty amongst the many visual reminders that I live where soldiers come to work.  Plus, because of the BRAC changes, we have seen a staggering amount of construction, has made living here more stressful.  But, tucked away, in different corners of this post, are opportunities to find beauty, at the water's edge, on a footpath, even in a manmade drainage pond.


     So, on this day, I grabbed my buddy and went on a drive.  I had no idea if we would stay on post, head out to the wetlands, or visit another favored nearby spot.  We are in a perfect area for anyone who loves trees, water, and wildlife.   I've noticed that the most amazing things will appear if you will simply stand still and pay attention.  Try walking into a wooded area and just LISTEN.  I do that and am amazed by all that I hear.  If I just stay there, birds and squirrels will begin to show themselves.  Why not just stand near a flowering bush and just WATCH what shows up?  Look on the beach or the water's edge and wait patiently.  Often, we are in such a hurry that we don't actually stand still and look around us, not ever realizing what we are missing out on.  Magic.  


    During our drive, some rich yellow flowers caught my eye.  I knew that I would be stopping to get their picture, possibly on the way home from my ultimate destination.  But, then, the manmade drainage pond near the new hospital caught my eye.  There were Canadian Geese waddling down the sidewalk, next to it.  They were also crossing the street, which wasn't exactly a welcome sight for the drivers on post.  The comical sight inspired me to stop.  I pulled into the nearby parking garage and went off to see what I could find, what was going to find me.  I spent, probably, a couple of hours out taking pictures, having a freeing and wonderful time.  This shot was my favorite from that day.  I walked up to the edge of that drainage pond and saw those vibrant damselflies.  I began my usual plea "please land, please land" and I said a silent, grateful thank you for the magic that found me.   



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